New to Chicago?

We’ll help you find a place to call home. Discover and fall in love with your new Chicago apartment. HomeScout is dedicated to connecting you to the heart of Chicago and making the Windy City feel like home. Our experienced team will provide you with everything you need to know to feel established and get you accustomed to life in your new city. From discovering the best route to work, to finding the best slice of Chicago deep-dish pizza, HomeScout is the source for all of your relocation needs.


Currently a Chicago Resident?

HomeScout cuts to the chase. Instead of sorting through fact and fiction on Craigslist, we’ll show you real properties that are hand-selected just for you. Our comprehensive rental services deliver a high-quality customer experience, from driving you to and from each property, to making sure your furniture delivery service shows up on time. And to make things even easier...


 Online Showings

HomeScout Realty is Chicago's first real estate company to offer online showings. During the 30 minute online showing you will have access to our internal database which covers nearly every residential building in Chicago. You can view pictures, addresses, prices, reviews and more!We are now helping our clients find a place to live through more efficient and effective process with an interactive, personalized online showing.

Viewing our database while having an industry expert on the phone will allow you to make an educated decision and handpick the properties you would like to view in person with our Real Estate agent.

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