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Get off the couch and meet new people; join a sports league!

Posted by Erin Wasson on Dec 1, 2011 10:48:00 AM

Last year I moved to Chicago from Arizonawith my twin daughters. Yes, you read it right,Arizona. No, I am not crazy, though I get asked that 80% of the time. I’m not sure if you Chicagoan’s realize what you have here as I have lived and traveled to many places around the world. This truly is one of the best cities. I am not going to tell you I loved every minute of the freezing cold last winter, but we made it through our first winter with out a hitch.leslieblogsoccer

Fast forward a year to now and would I move here all over again? YES! I love it here. This is my kind of town, Chicago. I am a single mother so making new friends was hard at first; so I joined a Soccer and Volley Ball Team through one of the leagues here in the city which has been a great way to meet people. I have been able to take my daughters to the games with me which has been great for them to be exposed to sports at a young age and it’s something we can do together. They help me warm up before my games and cheer for me on the sidelines.

If you are new to the city or looking to meet new people and enjoy being somewhat active, check out these links to 3 different companies that offer sports and activities for almost any person. Notice I said somewhat active, you do not have to be an Olympic Athlete to join, they have all different levels from beginners to advanced.

  1. Chicago Sports and Social
  2. Players Sports Groups   
  3. Sports Monster

These companies have events every day of the week and at multiple locations in the city with easy online sign up and weekly reminders of when and where your games are being played. They have it all, from competitive rowing, boot camp fitness, bowling and even broomball. I’ve got to admit, I have no idea what that it is but none the less… No excuses, get off the couch, meet knew people and join a league today.

Leslie Suder
Vice President of Sales 

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